Upstate South Carolina is a hub of manufacturing activity, and our warehousing services reflect the high-quality demands of some of South Carolina’s biggest businesses.

Location, Location, Location

Our Greer, SC warehouses are within 4 miles from the South Carolina Inland Port, 5 miles from BMW Plant Spartanburg, and just 2 miles from the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport.


All warehouse storage was not created equally. Our warehouses are kept immaculately clean and lighted with a state of the art motion-activated lighting system. Our warehouses store material ranging from stackable pallets, to massive boiler tubes, to sensitive medical equipment, and we can store your material too.


In order to supply manufacturing lines with sequenced material, our warehousing services include repackaging in whatever sequence or progression our customers require. Our repacking includes an automated lift system, relabeling, and is controlled with scan guns to ensure 100% accuracy.


The demanding manufacturing sector of Upstate South Carolina requires raw material on-time and in perfect condition. In order to meet this need, our warehousing services include the inspection of outgoing material to the exact specifications of our customers. Nothing gets by our team of experienced inspectors.


Our warehouses provide the strong automotive industry in Upstate South Carolina with sequencing and the just-in-time services required by their manufacturing lines. For years, we at Swafford Warehousing has played a key role in the South Carolina automotive supply chain by providing best-in-class warehousing services to BMW Plant Spartanburg, BMW suppliers, and international freight forwarders.


We employe a warehouse management system that meets Tier 1 WMS standards and allows us the control and accuracy that our customers expect. Features include:

  • Process Control
  • EDI
  • Web Services
  • Customer Web Portal
  • Barcoding
  • Scanning
  • System Integration with SAP and Oracle

Foreign Trade Zone

Our warehouses have been approved FTZ sites since 2009. Since then we have helped our international customers lower costs and meet the stringent requirements of US Customs.